Open Multiple URLs

Free tool to open multiple URLs at the same time with a single click. Just enter the list of URLs (one on each line) below:


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Usage of this URL opener tool is simple, just paste the list of URLs in the textarea (one URL per line), then click the button "Open URLs" to open all the URLs at the same time in multiple tabs. This web service works through the web browser and support all popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

You need to edit your web browser settings and enable a specific option (generally located in the "Tabs" section) to open pop-ups/new windows in new tabs. In Internet Explorer click on "Internet Options" -> "General" -> "Tabs" -> "Settings" and enable the option "Always open pop-ups in a new tab". On Mozilla Firefox click on "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Tabs" and enable the option "Open new windows in a new tab instead".

Most popular web browsers block by default the opening of popups or new windows/tabs and thus you need to add our website address in the list of "Allowed Websites" so it will be allowed to open pop-ups and new tabs. On Google Chrome click this link and add our website in the "Pop-ups exceptions" list. On Mozilla Firefox click on "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Content" -> "Exceptions..." and add our website there.

This service is a productivity tool that is used primarily by SEO webmasters, content creators/writers, data research and mining companies, and other businesses. The main focus of this tool is to let users open multiple websites and URLs simultaneously with a single click, for example if you need to open a list of URLs when you begin your work session, this tool can speed-up the process of opening all the URLs throght the web browser.

You just need a web browser to open multiple URLs simultaneously via this web service, any device that has a web browser will work just fine. For example, with Windows 10 you can use Microsoft Edge or Firefox, with Apple Macbook you can use Safari, with an Android device you can use Chrome.

There is no limit in the number of URLs you can open with a single click. However take in mind that if you open too many URLs at once (for example 500 URLs), then your web browser may freeze for a few seconds and you may notice an increase in CPU usage. This should not be an issue for modern notebooks and desktop PCs.